In addition to these exceptional products, PAOMA has developed exclusive treatment techniques that characterize its vision of holistic beauty.
PAOMA has surrounded itself with therapists, facialists and expert practitioners to identify the most appropriate and effective movements to accompany each product. to accompany each product.

Whether it is daily care, occasional care or body care, all have been designed in relation to a chronology and a precise application gesture. Thus, through this innovative organic range, PAOMA advocates an enveloping experience of care and well-being, which awakens the senses, respects nature, marvels at daily life and invites to live in harmony.
PAOMA self-massage combines several traditional and modern modeling techniques: facial yoga, Shiatsu and drainage with Rose Quartz Roll-On.

These different techniques awaken the skin and bring it relaxation, youth and radiance. Only a few minutes a day are needed for exceptional results.
PAOMA has created for you 4 simple tutorials to meet the daily needs of your face.


Reduces wrinkles and fine lines, increases the firmness and radiance of the face.


Redefines the features, reduces fatigue and invigorates.


Activates lymphatic circulation, eliminates toxins and brightens the complexion.


Reduces the oval of the face, firms the features and plumps up in depth.